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Most Bluetooth OBD2 scanners are only compatible with a few third-party apps, but ELM-327 Scanner is the recommended adapter for most popular third-party applications, such as Torque, BimmerCode, FORScan, Dashcommand, etc. You can get advanced features like enhanced diagnostics and PIDs on selected vehicles, examine the battery in the hybrid & electric vehicles, and customize and service selected vehicles. Turn your  Android phone, or Windows PC into a professional diagnostic scan tool.

Some Popular Features

ELM-327 Scanner is a professional diagnostic tool for reading and clearing trouble codes and turning off the CEL when an engine check engine light comes on. It can not only accurately determine codes and possible causes, but also perform DTC search, O2 sensor test, I/M readiness, on-board monitor test, read data stream, display freeze frame data, EVAP system test, retrieve vehicle information (VIN) and generate diagnostic reports, saving vehicle owners a lot of time and money in maintenance.

Most Bluetooth OBD2 scanners around $30 are only compatible with Android and use Bluetooth 4.0 or below, resulting in differences in compatibility and connection stability. NEXLINK is not only compatible with Android and IOS systems, but can also support cell phone and computer connection. The latest Bluetooth solution, allows the product to instantly connect to the vehicle’s OBD interface via Bluetooth, making it easier to read ECU data and greatly enhance the user experience.

Support multiple languages, more than 60 U.S, Asian and European vehicle brands, and over 10,000 different vehicle types. Works with 1996 and newer cars, SUVs, MPVs, minivans, and light trucks sold in the United States.

Avoid Costly Repairs: How an OBD2 Scanner

If you own a car, you know how important it is to keep it well-maintained. Regular servicing and inspections are key to keeping your vehicle running smoothly and safely. But what about unexpected issues that may arise? What if your car starts acting up or showing warning signs? That’s where an OBD2 scanner comes in.

This Is One Amazing OBD

 I generally always recommend the same app for each system. For Windows the best option is ScanMaster, for iOs it is the DashCommand application and for Android it is the Torque PRO application.

Connect it to Any Smartphone

This amazon OBD2 can be connected to any Android Smartphone

A Fantastic Timepiece

The location of the OBD2 connector is usually located in the driver’s feet, center console or even under the passenger’s seat.

– In some cases the OBD-II port has a cover that you need to open in order to locate the port.

Some examples of connectors:

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