32A Portable…



  • Cord Length: 2-6m
  • AC Power Supply: single phase
  • Input Current: 24-32A
  • Voltage: 110-220V
  • Charger Type: Portable Charger
  • Placement on Vehicle: Rear
  • Other Part Number: GB/T
  • Material Type: TPE
  • Item Weight: 3.5KG
  • Item Height: 36
  • Item Width: 32
  • Item Length: 56
  • Brand Name: EVMATE
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Interchange Part Number: GB/T plug
  • Material Type: TPE
  • Special Features: GBT Standard EVSE Home Charger
  • Working Voltage: 110~240V AC
  • Withstand Voltage: 2000V
  • Working Temperature: -25C~ 55C
  • EV Charging Cable: 3×6.0mm2 2×0.5mm2
  • Vibration Resistance: Meet JDQ 53.3 Requirements
  • Approved: CE/TUV Certificate
All cars imported from China can be used!


Product Model

BG/T Protable EV charger

Operating voltage

110V~240V AC

Insulation resisitance


Therminal temperature rise


Withstand voltage


Operating temperature


Rated Current


IP Protection

IP 56

Max. output power



Portable,Plug and Play

Housing Fire Rating

UL94V-0Rated Input

Withstand Voltage



12 months

Function 1

Leakage protection

Function 2

Over-voltage or Low-voltage protection

Function 3

Over-load protection

Function 4

Lightning protection

Function 5

Over-heat protection

Function 6

LCD Screen/ LED light

Contact Pin

Copper alloy, Silver


CE,UL TUV Approved

Product Name

GB/T Portable EV Charging Level 2 32 Amp Electric Vehicle Charger 7.4KW, CEE Plug 220-240V EVSE Car Charger Cable

Adjustable Current



1.Short circuit protection

2.Leakage current protection
3.Over voltage and under voltage protection
4.Over and under frequency protection
5.Over current protection

6.Over temperature protection
7.Ground protection

8.Lighting protection

1. Grounding protection

Continuous monitoring of the continuity of the protective grounding conductor during charging

2. Leakage protection

When the leakage current between the fire zero line and the ground is greater than 25 ± 3mA after the product works normally, the output is stopped and cannot be recovered, and it needs to be restarted.

3. Overvoltage protection

When the input voltage is 275 ± 10V, stop the output. At this time, the fault light flashes; When the voltage drops to 254 ± 10V, start with a delay of 10 ± 1s and the fault light goes out. There is no limit to the number of restores.

4. Undervoltage protection

When the input voltage is 165 ± 10V, stop the output, and the fault light flashes; When the voltage rises to 186 ± 10V, start with a delay of 10 ± 1s and the fault light goes out. There is no limit to the number of restores.

5. Overcurrent protection

When the load current is greater than 17a for 3 consecutive minutes, cut off the relay. The above actions will restart automatically after 10 seconds, and will be cut off permanently after 3 cycles. At this time, the fault indication shall flash red quickly. When the load current is greater than 18a for 1s, it will be cut off permanently.

6. Short circuit protection

When the load current is greater than 19A for 1s, it will be cut off permanently and all indicator lights will be off.

7. Dielectric strength

Test voltage 2000vac, test time: 60s, leakage current ≤ 5mA.

8. Insulation resistance

Test voltage 1000V DC, test time: 30s, resistance ≥ 100m Ω.

9. PWM duty cycle

Output current 16A PWM: 26.66% ± 1%

10. Delayed charging: This product is unique! You can adjust the time you want to start charging through the buttons on the control box. For example, if you get home at 2pm, if you don’t want to charge your car during the day because of the high temperature and high electricity bills. You can adjust the charging time to start charging after 1-12 hours. If you adjust to 6 hours then it will start charging at 8pm!

We Are Compatible With All Plug-in Electric Vehicle Brand
Nissan LEAF, Nissan eNV-2000, VW eGolf Chevy Volt, Chevy Bolt, Chevy Spark Toyota Prius Plug-In, 
Prius Prime,Toyota Rav4 EV Hyundai Ioniq,Kia Soul EV, Mercedes B Class Electric Drive,BMW i3 and i8 
Ford Focus Electric, Ford C-Max Energy, Ford Fusion Energy, Fiat 500e ZERO motorcycle , Brammo motorcycle       
Smart Electric Drive, Karma Fisker, Mitsubishi iMiev, Cadillac ELR Porsche Cayenne S-E, Porsche Panamera S-E     
Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid, Honda Fit EV
Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X (* need to use with Tesla charging adapter)
We are manufacture EV Charging Cable ,EVSE Portable Cable ,EV Connector ,EV Plug and EV Charging Station 

Why is our price a little higher than other stores?

Overseas Imported Raw Material: 

  • EV Plug and EV Cable: Overseas imported raw materials

  • EV Charging Cable : 125℃ TPE insulation and 125℃ TPE sheath ,Not PVC materialof the ev cable.

  • Diameter of Cable : Our EV Cable is 13.8mm of Cable OD ,Other suppliers is 12mm of Cable OD 

  • Waterproof: IP67 waterproof ,other suppliers is IP65 

  • Our goods can Abrasion Resistance,Oil Resistance,Acid and Alkali Resistance,UV Resistance Anti-aging and high and low temperature resistance

  • We know that the electric vehicle EV Car is important for our customer to drive.

  • If the quality of ev charging cable is bad,electric vehicle car will be in a fire ,because the cable cannot withstand high temperatures

We only provide the best quality for our customer .what’ more
12month quality guarantee and free technical support.


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